Natural Language Understanding Technology

Natural Language Understanding is the result of accurate Text Processing.

Content Recognition means understanding the meaning of the word, the meaning of the sentence and the meaning of the text, as a whole. It includes such names as Data Mining, Entity Extraction, Text Classification, Text Attribution, Annotation. Without accurate Content Recognition there cannot be accurate Question Answering, Automated Reasoning, etc.

Natural language understanding is Language specific

Meaning depends on the external reality we observe in order to communicate with each other. External reality is the same for all people, regardless of their language. Of course, eskimos have more words for snow. If there was not identicity of meaning, Machine Translation from one language into another will be impossible. We have shown, in an academic publication, that there are around 4,000 word meanings common to all Languages, present in 40-50 thousand most used words. At present we work with 2,209 German word meanings and 1586 English word meanings, 177 of them are concepts. Different combinations of the meanings within the sentence and within the text provide accurate picture of the content of the sentence and of the text. We use an external program to make a frequency list of the meanings used in the text we have processed with our Content Recognition software program

We work, publish books and develop NLP software since 1970