LINGUATERM Thesaurus of Linguistic Terminology. This software program accepts a word entry, only one word at a time. Seeks out all words with similar meaning contained in the database and arranges them in groups, according to a specified meaning. LINGUATERM displays up to 20 types of relationships between the entry word and other words from a vocabulary of approximately 14000 word-entries in four languages.


Displays up to 16 types of word and word-group relationships to the entry word, provides a definition of the word's meaning, displays the prepositions with which the word is used and gives text examples, with an option to add translation of the word into another language and self-update the electronic dictionary.


The entry word can have the following types of word relationships with other individual words or groups of words:
For groups of words: Word class; Mountains; Substitute word; Language; Water; Word as general substitute of other words; Stretch; Borders; Islands; part of; smaller than; equal to; collective (compare: island - archipelago); member of; contains (has); located in; refers to; belongs to.

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